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Book a Stay-In On Our Eight Locations in Reno or Sparks, Nevada.
Book a Stay-In On Our Eight Locations in Reno or Sparks, Nevada.

8 Surprising Things to Experience in Reno | Pony Express Lodge

Skyline of Casinos in Reno, Nevada
Reno is a city filled with a diverse amount of attractions, events and activities for everyone to enjoy. Many people may travel to this location to try their luck at the casinos, but there is actually a lot more to do and see. Reno has a variety of sites and activities that will make visitors fall in love with this unique city.

1. Walk Through Downtown

Get out of the car to avoid missing out. Reno is a pedestrian-friendly city with a lot to enjoy throughout the downtown area. There are many shops, restaurants and museums, as well as the scenic Truckee River meandering its way through the Riverwalk district. The city is bustling and exciting both day and night. 

2. Attend a Festival

Reno is known as The Biggest Little City in the World, but it could just as easily be named The City of Festivals. There are celebrations held throughout the year for anything you can imagine: gun shows, motorcycles, wine and even festivals for dogs. If you love it, Reno does too, and they want you to join in on the fun. 

3. See Some Cars

To expand on a section of our previous blog post, 7 Not-To-Miss Reno Attractions, the National Automobile Museum has been given numerous awards and has been included in top ten lists from Auto Week Magazine, USA Today and many others. 
Take a peek at vintage vehicles, as well as odd items like the popular Jeep/Ferrari combination known as a Jerrari. There are also celebrity-owned vehicles and an amazing array of automotive related collectibles throughout the museum. 

4. Discover the Art

Reno is a city for art admirers. In addition to the museums and cultural events held during the year, there is a stunning amount of art on public display throughout the city. Reno spends nearly $90 million a year on their arts and culture. There’s so much to see that visitors can get a map made specifically to locate the art around the city so that none of it is missed. 

6. Do Some Bowling

You do not have to be a fan of bowling to appreciate the National Bowling Stadium. The domed building has 78 lanes and seating for 1,000 spectators in its 350,000 square foot structure. There’s even a separate bowling club, called Kingpin, that has its own lanes and a bar in a private area within the stadium. 

7. Breathe Fresh Air

The landscape surrounding Reno is beautiful. There are lakes, mountains and forests that make it possible to participate in any outdoor recreation. Go fishing, hiking, skiing or whitewater rafting. You can also check out ancient petroglyphs at local archaeological sites or just spend the day in one of Reno's parks.

8. Search for Aliens

Consider taking a day trip out to State Route 375 — the famous Extraterrestrial Highway that is near the infamous Area 51. Rachel, NV, welcomes all travelers that want to know more about the many area UFO sightings. There’s a wealth of alien information and plenty of photo opportunities available. 
Reno has worked hard to distinguish itself as a vibrant metropolitan area. On your next trip, consider taking a break from the casino and experience some of the amazing things that the city has to offer.
At the Pony Express Lodge, we love to be the base from where visitors set out on their adventures. Come visit us and learn more about this amazing city.